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The purpose of this Wiki is to act as the knowledge base for the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) and to complement the ECF Library. It is hoped that it will be able to answer any and all queries a new user may have about the developing technology behind the personal vaporizer.

It contains much information relating to the Electronic cigarette - including types, differences, accessories etc.

As of today, there are 223 articles in this Wiki.

ATTENTION! Changes to the New User account creation process.

As of 2nd October 2011, the registration/creation of new user accounts has been locked down and restricted to SysOps, Moderators and Admins only. This is a very necessary spam control measure.While you are still welcome to browse the ECF Wiki you will NOT be able to edit existing content , or add new content, without a valid login.

New Wiki user accounts will ONLY be accepted from existing ECF Forum members who have a minimum of 25 posts. The Wiki account must be in the same name as the ECF Forum screen name - this is so we may verify the good faith of new user requests.

For now, Eddie Willers is processing these new registration requests. You are invited to send him a private message via the ECF Forum PM Service. - make sure you are logged in to the ECF Forum before clicking on this link.







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