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Throat hit is the tingling sensation vapers feel at the back of the throat. It is felt when the inhaled vapor hits the throat. The term is relevant to the use of a PV because, by their very nature, PV's can taste lighter than conventional tobacco cigarettes. Throat hit is a major concern for vapers because most convert from conventional smoking and they are used to the stronger throat hit of burning tobacco leaf.

The degree of desired throat-hit is entirely subjective and will depend on several factors.

  • E-liquid Quality: Overall quality of e-liquid is cited as the most important factor in producing stronger throat hit. First time buyers of vaporizers should research the brands that offer e-liquid that ranks high in throat hit.
  • Ratio of PG/VG: Generally speaking, the higher the content of propylene glycol in the e-liquid, the stronger the throat-hit (as well as a lower vapor production). Liquids containing higher percentages of glycerin have a softer throat-hit.
  • Flavoring Amount and Type: Generally speaking, a higher concentration of flavoring additive, acidic flavors or the use of menthol will contribute towards a higher perceived level of throat-hit.
  • Nicotine Dosage in E-liquid: The dosage of nicotine can also affect throat hit. High dosage equals stronger throat hit, but again it depends on the overall quality of the e-liquid.
  • Condition and Proper Maintenance: Life of equipment and maintenance may determine throat hit. Often, uncharged batteries and clogged atomizer may cause weak throat hit; so do defective ones.
  • Device Parts Quality: Throat hit also depends on the quality of the separate parts of the vaporizer: atomizer, batteries, and cartridges or cartomizer. The model, batch, and brand play a part too.
  • Vaping Technique: Using a PV takes some time to learn. It is about three times harder to draw on an e-cigarette than on a conventional cigarette. Plus getting more vapor and throat hit depends on the particular way an e-cigarette is drawn on.
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